Please bring back time on timeline entries..!

  • 5 October 2020
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The latest release has removed the “time” part of timeline entries. I can understand why this might be helpful for others BUT we actually need the time for the majority of the things our CS team are logging. 

It should have just been made an admin controlled option, not removed completely. 

Removing this functionality without consultation (or much warning) has really set my week off to a bad start :rage:

2 replies

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Hi @HollySimmons thanks for your feedback and sorry that this update gave your week a bad start. :disappointed_relieved:

A fair amount of research was done into this specific functionality and it was very minimally used. @nitisha_rathi can share a bit more about the decision process that went into this change. 

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Thanks @dan_ahrens, @nitisha_rathi and I connected on a call earlier to discuss the issues caused by this change. Looking forward to the next steps…