not to change company name while changing activity type

  • 18 January 2021
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Hi Team,


When we change the activity type while posting activity in activity timeline. If we change the activity type then company/relationship field details will discarded and need to enter company/relationship details again. So one of client wanted to  is that possible when we change activity type company/relationship fields does not discard.




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3 replies

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@Saichand Moturi Thanks for sharing this here, as per my understanding every Activity type has a different set of selections/columns and so changing the activity type we refresh all the columns. 

I will check the feasibility about the feasibility for company/relationship and update here. 

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Adding to Sai’s comments, activity types can be invalid for certain companies/ relationships so we clear out the field to make sure incorrect data cannot be populated.

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@Saichand Moturi did you get a chance to view the comments here?