New Timeline Enhancements Available Today

  • 4 June 2019
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Gainsight released several Timeline enhancements on June 4 for customer orgs with version 6.3.4.


Draft Activity Limit Per User: Gainsight now calculates your draft limits at the User level and not at the org level. Previously, the draft limit was set to 2000 per tenant. This limit will now be calculated at the User level. Each user can log a maximum of 50 drafts. This limit includes:

  • Activities which were auto saved as drafts
  • Email to Timeline emails which were logged as drafts

Ability to Mass Delete Draft Activities: Previously, users had to manually delete each draft activity. Gainsight now allows users to delete multiple drafts simultaneously. A check box has been introduced for each draft to accomplish this task.


Ability to Create Reports, Rules and Surveys on Attendees: You can now use the Timeline Internal Attendees and External Attendees fields in various analytical and action based modules of Gainsight. To accomplish this task, Gainsight has introduced the following new components:


  • Internal Attendees and External Attendees fields: The Activity Timeline object is now enhanced with two new fields; Internal Attendees and External Attendees. These fields return the list of internal and external attendees (respectively), who attended a particular meeting.
  • Activity Attendee Object: A new junction object called Activity Attendee has been introduced. This object has Activity ID and internal and external Attendee ID fields. You can use this object while creating rules or reports which are based on an attribute of a person.
For more information on use cases, check out the 6.3 Release Notes.

5 replies

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Thank you for the updates! A few follow-up questions:

We have opted out of automatic upgrades, will we need to accept this version to see these changes?

What happens to CSMs that currently have over 50 drafts? Is there a way Admins can identify users with more than 50 drafts before accepting this update?

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Fantastic update— thanks for posting, Lila!

wrt the Activity Attendee Object, will attendees listed in a given Timeline post need to exist in the Person object in order for a record to be created in the Activity Attendee Object?

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Hi Pele, Thanks for the feedback! I'm thinking yes, but want to get confirmation from our PM. Hang tight!

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Hi Angela,

Thanks for participating in the Community! Since you are opted-out of automatic upgrades, you will always need to reach out to to request an upgrade. Keep in mind, we strongly recommend that you stay as current as possible, and don't fall behind more than one or two releases!

If you're not on version 6.3.4, I believe your draft limit is still set at the Org level and is 2k total. So, some users may have more than 50 drafts and others less, but there's no end user notification process until you upgrade to 6.3.4. However, I think you could build a report with users and Timeline drafts to identify how many each user has.

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We have users receiving emails that they are over 50 drafts however when they go to the drafts folder they do not have any visable. Any thoughts?