Looking for best practices: Logging potential churn to Timeline

  • 8 August 2023
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Looking for suggestions on the best way to log like a milestone or email (or anything else) on a company timeline for companies that raised a termination/downgrade request. 
The requests are coming from Salesforce cases and we want to have an activity log on company timelines automatically when this happens, without notifying the external customer and possibly without creating a CTA.

4 replies

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Do you currently pull in SFDC case data into Gainsight?

You could utilize the Rules Engine and pull in this data. In the Rules Engine, you could filter to the specific field(s) containing this information, so when that happens it will log a milestone to the timeline. You can customize it too so when there is a termination request it displays that in the subject & when there is a downgrade request it displays that in the subject as well - that way you can differentiate between the two if it’s necessary 

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Good question @fatima_sarah 

If you have signals in external systems like a support tool or a CSM, you can certainly ingest those data, and then use the Rules Engine to create a Timeline Milestone when that signal is spotted.

I realize you mentioned not creating a CTA, though I’m inclined to create a CTA automatically when these signals are seen, or to have the CSM create a CTA (following a process to select a CTA Type and CTA Reason). I encourage this because Gainsight is a system of action, not only of information. Acting on a churn / downtick signal is critical.

Additionally, a CTA gives some sense of “when did this risk start?” and “when did this risk conclude...and how?” I envision a scenario where you create a CTA which spins up a Milestone, and the closing of the CTA also spins up a Milestone. This gives the CS team insight into what actions work, how many of these risks are remediated, and how long that takes. In a world where CS wants attribution for its work, having a CTA with Milestones may help you remediate risk and also help you learn about your own team.


Thank you @smh281  and @matthew_lind 

I started creating a rule to create a milestone and to create a CTA. However, for the create a milestone action, the milestone notes is not showing when I did a test run.

Would you know why that is? 


This is what it looks like:


Then the Excel file from the execution log is not showing any column for milestone Notes.

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@fatima_sarah Nothing comes to mind immediately on why the Milestone Notes wouldn’t populate. There enough variables in how you built your rule that I would only be guessing. I think a great next step is to invite Gainsight Support to look with you.