Logging Timeline without Customer assignment

  • 2 September 2021
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Our team has a number of internal meetings which they hope to log in Gainsight timeline. Many of these events won’t have any associated customer to relate to the conversation. Is there a plan to allow the creation of Timeline events without requiring it be associated to a Customer? Our current workaround is to log those events to the record of our own company within our instance.

3 replies

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Hello @dan_kenner, thank you for your post. Interesting ask for creation of timeline events without association to a customer. This would need to be reviewed and answered by our Product Manager. Kindly allow us sometime while we get back to you on that.

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@dan_kenner we don’t have such capabilities currently. Only Draft activities can have no Companies associated with them. 

Also, we haven’t got this kind of request before. Would you be able to tell us the use cases when such requirements come? Is this a scenario of simply taking some Notes?

@soumitrasahu This stems from our CSMs having internal meetings with their sales counterparts. To encourage a ‘one place for all notes’ mentality our CSMs hoped to capture all the notes related to their conversation, even if it’s not about any one specific customer. Thus we can track the number of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ meetings a CSM had using Gainsight reporting. The requirement for a customer makes it so that they either 1) have to incorrectly associate a meeting with a customer, or 2) put a new TL event on each customer they talk about, which in turn inflates the number of ‘meetings’ they are having.