Log email to Timeline - forwarding previous emails to Timeline

  • 27 February 2019
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Currently we have setup log email to timeline functionality which works well when we send emails to clients. In the event we forget to BCC the Gainsight Timeline unique email address when sending the email to the customer OR if we want to forward historical emails into Timeline, it would be good to be able to just send the email to the Gainsight Timeline unique email address for logging.

Is this possible or will this be possible in the future?

5 replies

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Hi Jason,

You can still forwards the email to Timeline and the full chain will be captured. The only caveat being that the email will be added to drafts as no recipients are available in To/Cc and the system resolve the customer using external recipients email addresses.

You can then manually select the customer in the draft and log the activity.



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Is there a universal draft section or did you mean in the Customer's Timeline draft?

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There is a global (universal) draft section in Timeline Primary tab. The user can access all drafts from here.

All drafts created via Bcc emails can also be filtered from here



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I ran into this today. In my use case, the CSM was forwarding an email sent from the customer to record it. As Nitisha mentioned, it was going to Timeline drafts, but it was taking a little bit for it to get there, so she thought it wasn't working.

Ideally, it would be good if there was a way the system could scan the previous email chain to determine where to put it.


I would love to see a better method of sending older/past emails to timeline that didn’t require going to the link to drafts and manually assigning them, because our exec’s are just being introduced to this feature and would like to be able to send older but important emails from before we began using Timeline to timeline. It would be great for accounts to have an email “address” assigned to use in the”to” field and send the email directly to the timeline using the same bcc field entry as when recording new emails that are sent to clients.Catching up on the important emails from the past if very time consuming when first using timeline and trying to get it up to speed on past emails.