How does timeline search logic work?

  • 8 September 2021
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Is there any support for advanced search logic in the timeline search field?

I’ve just been trying it out, and it seems that the search string published and the string “published” both return the exact same results - i.e. they will return results which are not exact matches. In this example I am getting results for publisher and other variations.

In this case I want to search specifically for the word published and only return exact matches. Is there a way of doing that in the timeline search currently. Normal search syntax would be to use “ “ around your search term for exact matches, but this doesn’t seem to be respected in Gainsight


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2 replies

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Hey @iainr, thank you for your post and a detailed description of your ask. For a better and accurate answer to your question, looping in the Product Manager here.

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@iainr We have plans to improve our search in Timeline. We will post an update once we have prioritised this.