Gainsight Assist Outlook Plugin Logging out users

We have just deployed the Gainsight Assist plugin for Outlook.  We use SSO through Salesforce to log into the plugin so they must choose the  Use Custom Domain to complete the login.  This is working for everyone at first.  Several users are getting continually getting bounced out of the plugin and need to log back in; however, when they attempt to log back in they cannot get to the window to enter the custom domain.   Some users have to close Outlook and log back in.  Others have to reboot.  I’m wondering if the log off has something to do with Salesforce timing out, but most users are in Salesforce all day long.   Has anyone else experienced this issue?  I’m not sure if this is a Gainsight plugin issue or an Outlook issue.  Appreciate any input anyone has to share. 



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