Deleting timeline entries as an Admin

  • 21 May 2019
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I don't see the ability to delete a Timeline entry as an Admin. Can Timeline entries only be deleted by the user that has created it? There is a timeline entry I am trying to delete by a user who is no longer with the company, and I am also unable to log in as this user now because of that.

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4 replies

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This has been requested a few times before. For years...

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Hi Ky Powell,

From now the drafts limits are calculated at the User level and not at the org level. Previously, the draft limit was set to 2000 per tenant. This limit will now be calculated at the User level. Each user can log a maximum of 50 drafts. This limit includes:

  1. Activities which were auto saved as drafts
  2. Email to Timeline emails which were logged as drafts
For more details you can visit following link

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Hi Team, 

We have multiple users looking for this feature. Is there any ETA for this enhancement? 



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Since there’s an older post requesting the same enhancement, I’m closing this post to further comments. 

Please visit the following post to comment or vote for this request: