Can notes taken in Gong sync back to SFDC and GainSight Timeline?

  • 14 November 2017
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You can take notes in Gong that sync to SFDC. Can we make these Sync to Gainsight Timeline too?

6 replies

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Currently, it's not possible to sync notes from SFDC to Timeline. The Activities sync works in one direction only at this time.
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If you'd like to add your vote for this enhancement, see this post.
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Is this integration coming? The page in the post gives me a 404

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Hi Parimala,

The other post is here: https://community.gainsight.com/conversations/bidirectional-syncing-of-activities-on-timeline-5bc73e12e4b04588aaf86588

@nitisha_rathi Can you share an update on our Timeline sync plans since it's a longstanding popular request?

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Capability to sync Salesforce activities to Timeline will be available within one quarter. We are also working towards a direct sync from Gong to Timeline. I will share more details as I have more clarity.



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@nitisha_rathi would love to learn more about the gong integration feature underway. We are looking at a way to pull the tasks from a gong call and link it to a CTA’s timeline, a plugin of sorts that integrates the two systems would be great which gives users the ability to see the the CTAs and add the gong call and task to the relevant timeline.