Best practices to manage activity types and subtypes

  • 2 September 2021
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How do you determine which types of activities get their own activity type, and which ones fall under a subtype?

Follow up, how do you manage subtype logging? If you sync to Salesforce, do you sync the subtype?


For example, Call is a very generic activity type. We added Welcome Call as a new activity type as this is a key milestone in timeline. But what about other types of calls? We don’t want to have too many activity types available to choose from to avoid confusion. (Same goes with Meeting).

4 replies

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Hey @sarahmiracle, thank you for your post. We will have our Product Manager look into this and revert with an answer to your question. 

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@sarahmiracle we do no have a construct for Activity subtype, currently. Fields are used to identify the nature of specific calls, meetings etc.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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thanks @soumitrasahu ! how do I create my own field to identify the nature of specific calls, meetings, etc as you mention?

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@sarahmiracle I would just add a new dropdown field and name it Call Type, and then, add all your options there.