Autofill of a status with an email to the timelineAutofill

  • 31 March 2022
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Hey everyone!

One of our CSM's came to us with the question whether it is possible to transfer a status from an email to the timeline. 


Our CSM's distribute a Customer Health Status to customers, which can be green, yellow or red. Is it possible that the CSM's write something like "@status green" in the email and Gainsight automatically detects this status ? 

2 replies

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I wanted to pass along a thought here from @wayne_baker !

Yes but takes some work. You have to fetch the data in a rule and then add a transformation and in here you can filter on Notes contains X.


Have you been poking at this workflow at all in the past couple of weeks, @AdrianGlos ?

Hey @seth

sorry for the late response. We haven’t solve it yet, but i’ll try it. Thanks!