Attachment Fail Email with Gainsight Outlook Plugin

  • 10 November 2020
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Our CSMs are loving the new Gainsight Outlook Plug-in! One feedback I have received from a few folks is the noisiness of the email they received when Gainsight cannot post an attachment.  Usually the attachment is either a screenshot or the logo on their signature.  

Has anyone else been experiencing this? 


Below is the sample of the email the CSMs receive when the attachment does not post



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8 replies

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@andorfuhrer Happy to hear that you love the new Gainsight Outlook Plug-in! 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I will do a check on the attachment issue and get back to you. 

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@andorfuhrer This is happening with all the emails or randomly for a few emails?

We support only 5 attachments from plug-in and the total upload size should be within 25MB. Please check if there are no extra images are added as part of the signature/email footer because eventually those will also be counted as attachments.

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thanks for the update @sandeep_kumar  - just so that im clear and can relay this back to the team.  if an email has more than 5 attachments and/or the attachments exceed 25MB, then this will cause the email that the CSMs are sometimes getting?  

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Yes, that's correct!

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I’ve been told my users that the attachment size limit includes social media icons. Is there a workaround for this?

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@sandeep_kumar  - is there a workaround for the social media icons to not count as an attachment? That is a big barrier to us. 





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@Erseburse  Let me check this and get back to you with an update.

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@Erseburse Unfortunately we don’t have any workaround as of now.