Activity Sync from SFDC to Timeline - Related To field is mandatory/required field in MDA

  • 26 February 2020
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  • Gainsight Employee: Shoshin
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Hello Team,

We’ve recived a couple of customers reaching out, that thier SFDC activtives not syncing to MDA Timeline, After checking from our end, we could see it’s because of the “Related To” field is a mandatory field in MDA(Gainsight).

However, the same “Related To” isn’t a mandatory field in the SFDC task object, hence when customer is performaing sync, few activites are being loading to Timeline form SFDC and few aren’t.

Ask would be::

Can we make the “Related to” field as a normal field, rather than required/mandatory field in MDA-Gainsight?

As this would help in syncing all the SFDC activities to Timeline without any issues.

2 replies

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@iteku Thanks for bringing this up! I will check the possibilities and let you know. I am redirecting this to our product team.

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Gainsight Timeline always works on some context (Account, Relationship, etc.). If the relatedTo field in SFDC is null then we cannot determine the context of the activity and thus, do not know against which context we should add the activity in Timeline.