Why are we not able to edit scaling titles on NPS questions, general scaling on CSAT, or create our own survey question entirely?

  • 7 July 2021
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Survey scaling and editing is extremely limited in Gainsight. This is a tool for professionals- why limit our capabilities so much?


IE I want CSAT and NPS scaling to be the same and have the same format. The only way to do that is via making two NPS questions. I cannot have two NPS questions in a survey. 


Survey tools I have used in the past allow for richer HTML/CSS editing, complete customization of questions and more. This tool does not seem to meet specific needs in terms of flexibility. 

1 reply

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@greg_dutson sorry for the inconvenience. true we cannot have two NPS questions at a time, this is not even in our road-map. To add this to the road-map we need more up-votes.

JO can support customisation, HTML/CSS editing, and rich text, did you try this? Let me know if you need any help.