Syncing Google Forms Data into Gainsight

  • 1 November 2018
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Hi there,

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to automatically bring Google Forms survey data into Gainsight. When a seller closes a new logo deal, they currently fill out a Google Form with important handoff/deal information. We want to start pulling and capturing this information in GS to make this information more accesible and actionable for our CSMs.

I know I can create a custom object and bulk update via CSV but is there a more automated way of doing this? Alternatively, has anyone built out a similar survey using Gainsight's own survey tools?

Curious to hear what others have done in this area.


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5 replies

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Hi Calvin, It looks like Zapier has OOTB integrations between Google Forms and Amazon S3 ( and once you get the data into an S3 CSV file, it's easy to schedule a rule to grab that data and use it in Gainsight.

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Is there a way to use the Events Framework in combination with Google Script/Trigger to this without using another tool?

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@benwanlessmenlo checking with the team, I will get back to you on this.

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Hi @benwanlessmenlo 


It should be possible via Google App script and events framework. I did not test it but saw this great post on stack overflow - . This code matches our events framework code snippet here -

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Thank you @rakesh !

I was able to set up an Google App script to do this.