Step by Step Instructions for Setting up Survey 2.0

  • 30 October 2019
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We’ve already explained five great reasons to upgrade from Survey 1.0 to 2.0. Now it’s time to get into the weeds a little bit and explain what exactly you need to do to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you're brand new to Surveys 2.0, you'll want to ensure you've completed all of these steps first before moving onto the last 2 sections.

  • If you haven't already setup Company Person (and relationship person if you're using relationship), then we highly recommend your Company Person and Relationship Person objects are set up and populated (for more info on this, click here). Survey 2.0 is housed in our MDA, which means the Survey 2.0 objects have direct lookups to the standard objects in the MDA.
  • Make sure your Users are synced into the User object within MDA, this will ensure you can provide Survey 2.0 permissions to create, distribute and/or analyze the results. For more info on this, click here.
  • Create a domain 
    • Navigate to Administration > Domains
    • You have two options here, custom or subdomain. 
    • We recommend creating a custom domain because your link will seem less suspicious and less likely to be blocked by a firewall.
  • Create pages for your survey
    • Navigate to Administration > Pages
    • You must create at least one page in order to distribute your survey
    • You can create a generic page or insert your own custom HTML code if you’d like to personally brand your survey.
  • Create sites for your survey
    • Navigate to Administration > Sites
    • You can create multiple sites for one domain. Examples might be you want one site for any active survey link, but perhaps another site that contains an error message or inactive page message if someone tries taking a survey that already expired.
  • Enable Survey 2.0 tab, and get started!
  • Give appropriate permissions to whoever will need access to Survey 2.0
    • You can assign survey permissions to your users on either a survey-level basis (survey by survey) or a module-level basis (all surveys). Please make sure to follow the documentation and assign these.
  • Publish! You are now ready to start publishing surveys and also using your migrated surveys from Survey 1.0 (see next section). For more information on how to configure Survey 2.0 surveys, click here.

Migrating Survey 1.0 Data to Survey 2.0

If you've been using Survey 1.0 and want to either (A) migrate closed surveys to retain the data or (B) migrate open, ongoing surveys then you'll want to follow the below instructions.

  • Migrate any Survey 1.0 surveys
  • Rebuild old Survey 1.0 assets (reports specifically) if necessary
    • We recommend documenting what you want to bring over and rebuild those assets over time
  • Any Survey 1.0 surveys that had CTAs directly tied into the survey will migrate, but the CTAs will not. The CTAs will need to be rebuilt in a Journey Orchestrator Program

Caveats to beware of when upgrading to Survey 2.0

  • Any assets that have been created on Survey 1.0 objects (NPS Responses and flattened objects) will need to be rebuilt, including:
    • Reports Rules, including “Set Score”, “CTAs”, etc
    • Outreaches / Programs
  • If using SFDC workflows that trigger off Survey 1.0 objects, those will no longer work.
    • We cannot load to Survey 1.0 objects in the Rules Engine
  • Ongoing Survey 1.0 through outreaches need to create new programs.
    • In the future, we’ll be doing a webinar on converting outreaches to programs, FYI.
  • Surveys module level permissions will not migrate to 2.0; need to create permissions manually.
  • Survey 2.0 surveys can only be used in Journey Orchestrator.
  • Can’t trigger CTAs from Survey 2.0 make sure need to configure these CTAs within the program.

3 replies

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Outstanding post, @spencer_engel !

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Thanks, as always, Spencer!

One more thing to add here based on the following question I received from my customer today and often:

I am unable to view Survey 2.0 responses in C360 Survey section, are there any configurations required for this (also see gif in this article)

Yes, you have to enable NATIVE_SURVEY_PRIMARY Custom Setting to view the Survey 2.0 responses in C360. 

To enable this :

  1. Click the User menu tab.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. In the Search box on the left-hand side, search for Custom Settings and click Custom Settings.
  4. Click Manage for Feature Configuration.
    Note: You can also search for the Feature Configuration in the Search box on the left-hand side if it is not listed in the Custom Settings page.
  5. Click Edit for NATIVE_SURVEY_PRIMARY.
  6. Select the Enabled checkbox.
  7. Click Save.
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Skilful post, so bumping this to the top!!