Scheduling the MDA update of a Flattened Survey

  • 10 August 2017
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When updating the MDA table for a flattened survey you have select the "Reset the flattened reporting" to update the data manually. I have been speaking with some customers who would like to be able to schedule when that sync takes place so they can schedule daily syncs. Is this something we may consider in the future or will this have to be a manual process.

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7 replies

yes please! We have a project hinging on this ability
well this is awkward....

I was reading the online documentation regarding survey flattening - documentation even states this can be set to update automatically:

MDA table created through this process will flatten new data automatically
through a job running in the background. Users can also manually refresh the
table with up-to-date data by selecting the option “Reset the flattened reporting”
under the survey’s properties" 

Online Article:

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for raising the concern. There is a important pre requisite which was missed as part of the original documentation. We are addressing the same.

The survey sites need to be secure sites for this functionality to work(https://) .As and when the survey responses are logged, the flattened survey table is updated with the response in as close to real time as possible. More details on how to set up survey sites can be found here -

Once you do the above change, the responses henceforth will be automatically updated in the flattened survey in real time.

That being said, when you do a reset , the data should be updated in the flattened table. Are you facing issues when you do a manual reset as well. If so , please raise a support ticket.

Abhishek S
Thanks for the info Abhishek.
I am going though this now.

I already have multiple surveys set up - but not as described. 

IF I make the changes necessary - will that affect how the surveys perform and are tracked now?
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Abhishek, Can you please confirm that you can change your an open & active survey from http to https without affecting the ability for users to continue responding to that survey?  
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Yes. This should be possible.
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Survey Flattening is enabled by default for Survey 2.0. An object containing response data for the survey will be created after the survey receives its first response.

For more information, refer here.

Thank you!