Reason why survey was not delivered

  • 5 November 2015
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According to our survey analyses we have some surveys that are not delivered. I can see to whom they were not delivered, however not the reason. 
For example if the reason was invalid email address then we can update our records accordingly.  
Is there somewhere we can see the reason? Thank you. 

Best answer by gaurav_kotak 9 November 2015, 07:34

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Hi Kati, there are 2 ways you can distribute surveys in Gainsight. First, via the survey distribution itself and second, via copilot. Both provide details on why survey was not delivered. Based on your question I believe if it is the former. 

In the analyze tab, you can only see to whom they were not delivered. However, if you click on the Distribute tab, you should be able to see more details including reasons surveys were not deliverable. Hope this helps. Thanks