Real-time notifications for NPS Survey Responses (CS and PX) - OOB

  • 19 July 2021
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We have just recently migrated from an external NPS survey solution to GS and PX. I cannot find an option to set up a real-time notification that I can either send to Slack (preferred) or Email when an NPS response is received (immediate notification). This notification would need to go across the org, so to folks that are not in Gainsight. Is there a way to do this today?  

3 replies

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Badge +2 this was posted a while back and has some details.  You might also use the Events framework and an External Action rule to send as well.


@heather_hansen Thank you for sharing - I had actually seen this, but this will still only send the NPS results from the day prior. I have set up “Quick Insights” in GS Sally, but the only difference that I can tell with the solution you shared vs Sally is that the results will at least show without having to engage with the Sally app. Is that correct? Or am I missing something. 


With the Events Framework and External Action rules, will that allow me to set up to send immediate alerts when an NPS survey is received? I’m fairly new to GS, so I have not played with those features yet. 

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Badge +2 definitely not the expert on Events framework, but it basically uses API calls to trigger an action.  This should help.