NPS question- Use of 'Show Smileys'

  • 28 September 2021
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I’m curious to see if there are other organizations that have found any benefit for using the ‘Show Smileys’ option in for the design of the NPS survey question. 

I work with different regions across the globe and not all regions score NPS with 10 being great and 0 being not great. Some regions actually do the opposite. I’m looking for thoughts on how other organizations account for regional differences with NPS questions to assure the customer is aware of how they are scoring. 


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Hi @linny75, these are very thoughtful questions!

In your case, the Show Smileys option may help, however, it may be wise to A/B test and analyze prior to broad implementation.

Food for thought: NPS: It’s Not about the Score - by Fred Reichheld (Creator of the Net Promoter System)