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  • 7 January 2021
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If we need to modify survey questions on a program, is it best to just stop the current program, Create a brand new survey and program?  Or can we just modify the survey and restart the same program?




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5 replies

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@Leanne Monter may I know what exactly you are trying to modify? Could you please add your use-case for better understanding. 

@sai_ram We are modifying some of the questions/answer choices and adding some new questions.  

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@Leanne Monter  I think much of that is personal preference. If you are making minor changes (say, wording or spelling on a couple of questions) pausing likely makes sense. But if you are making more substantive changes, such as new questions or question/answer pairs I would consider a new survey.


It will be easier to track when the change was made, so you know if a participant didn’t answer a question because it wasn’t available at the time, or because they didn’t wish to answer/select that answer. Additionally, you’ll likely have less problems looking at old survey data with a bunch of new questions or options that weren’t available when it originally went out.


For reporting, you could easily make a report on flattened surveys or survey IDs and just filter to the old and new IDs.

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@Leanne Monter did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @bradleymcg

@bradleymcg Thanks for your time here!

@sai_ram Yes we are just going to create a new survey.  Thanks!