How to Trigger a Survey

Hi All,

I created a Survey and I want this to be trigger when the opportunity stage is closed won and it should be going to the owner of the opportunity.

Please give suggestion over it how can i implement this.




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@Nitesh sorry, sending a survey to certain owner of the opportunity via Survey is not possible I hope. I will try to check this once again from my end and get back to you. 

@richa_bala, @bradleymcg, @naga_gonaboyina, @meenal_shukla could you please leave your comments here. 

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I would think you could do this with a Journey Orchestrator Query using your opportunity object as a source for your query. You should also be able to pull in the Opportunity owner as well.


You would just need to filter on your opportunity stage, and probably a few other qualifiers to narrow down exactly what you want.