file upload from the client

  • 8 March 2022
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We are curious if the option for a survey question that requests a file upload from the client is currently on the roadmap?

5 replies

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Moved this under the ‘Surveys’ product category, for @richa_bala to take a look

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Hi @samwagoner1775 this is not on the short term roadmap yet. Do you mind sharing more details about the use case, it would help prioritize this.


@richa_bala sorry, i dont have more information. It was a request from a client in a support ticket. I unfortunately dont remember the ticket number or the client. 


Hi @richa_bala  I found the support ticket number. but i dont see any more information. sorry i couldnt be more help. 


I am essentially trying to cobble together the same/very similar idea.  My idea was to send an email that includes the link where the file belongs and provide a single survey question that asks “have you uploaded the file yet”  

  • Yes - no further action
  • Still working on it - remind them again in x days
  • No response - remind them again in x days


So far I’ve built a question, a survey and an email template but can’t get it to come together, but I am very new to GS administration.