Calculating True NPS Score

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Hi Team,

One of the customer wants to calculate True NPS Score(%Promoters - %Detractors) for a particular survey. They wanted to calculate the NPS Score based on region field. They have  different regions and they wanted to calculate NPS differently based on the region. 


They wanted to build a report and show this True NPS Score in it. I tried building report on survey flattened object and couldn’t find a way to achieve this request using formula field in report builder.

With the current functionality I couldn’t find a way to achieve it directly. Has anyone come across this request and implement earlier ?  Any thoughts on how we can achieve it ?


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@sandeepchidiri thank you for bringing this up. We need to check the possibilities on this.

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Hi @sandeepchidiri 

You can build report on ‘NPS Survey Response’ object and do average on ‘True NPS’ field.

Based on your requirement filter responses by survey id or any other filter and group responses based on any attribute(In your case I think region is a field in person or company object).

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Hi @sekhar_dutta 


Thank you for the details. I will inform customer to use this method and see if that works from them.