Ad Hoc NPS Survey Does Not Roll Up Into Analytics

  • 14 December 2021
  • 1 reply

We’ve been running NPS via JO for a while now and been very pleased.  Being able to pull metrics from NPS Analytics in the Surveys section of Gainsight is super easy.  Recently we cloned the JO Program and changed the source to a CSV load instead of the query builder in order to run some ad hoc surveys for certain customers.  This works as expected with one big gap - the results DON’T roll up into NPS Analytics.  The NPS score DOES show up in C360 which is great, but puzzling that it doesn’t also roll into NPS Analytics.  We have a large batch of customers to do, but I’m now hesitating as I won’t be able to use the metrics properly.  Has anyone else encountered this?  Is this expected behaviour?  You can only have 1 NPS survey feed NPS Analytics even if they are built nearly identical (save for the source)?  Any way to adjust this?  Thanks in advance!

1 reply

NVM!  I don’t know what I was originally looking at, but the data is rolling up into analytics as expected.  Please disregard!