What's the difference in Usage Data objects - MDA and SFDC?

  • 11 July 2019
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Curious as to what the difference is between the Usage Data Object in MDA and the Usage Data object in SFDC. Do they contain different data and how are they used? If there is documentation on this, that would be appreciated.

1 reply

Hi John

Bless you John for posting this question, so that I can reference to some good things we are doing around Usage data 🙂.

In our MDA , we have added a new module called "Adoption Explorer" which is currently in "limited release" becoming "Generally Available" this month ( available in both SFDC and NXT versions). This is our Fit to purpose module for Usage data( for any Time series data actually).

The overview of this can be found at https://support.gainsight.com/View_More_Categories/Adoption_Explorer/About/Adoption_Explorer_Overview . This is a free module available for all full license GS users.

This is at a much larger scale compared to what we have as "Usage Data" in SF. You can reach out to us via your CSM/COM to discuss / arrange for demo on this.