What is the email validation criteria that is used?

  • 28 February 2022
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Posting for a customer:When creating a rule there have been failures based on “Invalid email” and some of them we are able to notice.


We are wanting to know the validation criteria so the changes can be made in the CRM but do not want to have to do this twice and have the rules fail again.


Having this criteria will be very helpful in configuring the rule and avoiding failures.


If this information is already available please provide a link.

3 replies

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Hi @gschardan 

I believe this issue was debugged by the team and the reason for this error is because lack of permissions on an object.OAuth user needs access to User Licence. 


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Hi Rakesh

This question isn’t about OAuth permissions but actually relates to the validation of the format of the value being ingested into an email field

i.e. what is the validation criteria in Gainsight for a ‘load to object’ rule that determines whether the value of an email field is accepted or rejected



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At_mentioning @rakesh to keep the convo going, @jparker