Viewer permission set shouldn't override other gainsight permission sets

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi Team, 

I understand what the viewer permission set is designed for, and we use it for our Sales team. The issue users are facing, is that there has been some confusion with SFDC Admins who have to assign these permission sets and if someone needs the Gainsight Standard permission set they're actually assigning ALL of them.


If the highest most permissions (Gainsight Standard) would take precedence it wouldn't be an issue. What they’ve noticed, is that if multiple permission sets are applied they get some of the Gainsight Standard access (can view the C360, etc) but certain features are limited (like closing out CTAs). They’re able to fix by removing the viewer permission sets leaving just Gainsight Standard.  It happens most often for a users if a user moves from a role that previously only had Viewer access, but now needs Standard access. The new permission set is getting added, but unless they explicitly ask, the viewer permission set is not being removed. 

Please share your thoughts and let us know if we can fix this.

1 reply

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Hi @hardik_mota,

We will reach out to you 1:1 through Slack.

Thanks and regards,