Tips and tricks for inheriting Gainsight Admin

  • 8 February 2022
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Hello, Gainsight Community! 


I have recently inherited an Admin role within Gainsight from a previous Admin. This is my first experience with Gainsight, and it’s proving to be difficult to interpret things that were done by the previous Admin and why those things were done. Specifically with the Rules Engine. 


I am curious if anyone has any tips or tricks on resources or things they did when inheriting a Gainsight instance from another Admin. I am trying to figure out an easy or go to way to interpret rules, what the rule does and where the rule applies. My hope is to complete an audit of the rules that we have currently set up to clean it up a little bit and create a guide for what the rules do, in case I would ever move to another role and pass my Gainsight Admin role to another. 


Any help or tips would be amazing. 

1 reply

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Hi @ebh12191 - @spencer_engel shared this in our Global Gainsight Admin group today, and it looks perfect for helping you!

Group is here if you’d like to join!  Terrific resource for all sorts of questions!