Stop throwing a validation error for rules with past start dates

  • 24 April 2018
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This kills me every time:

It truly does not matter that the start date is in the past. If it's in the past, start it the next available time. If it's in the future don't start it until then. 

It's absolutely baffling that the rule would need that input. Please change this. 

Best answer by srinivas_muthyam 25 April 2018, 06:26

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9 replies

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At least give me a "today" button in the calendar input so I don't have to scroll through the two years of months since I had to last touch this rule. 
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While I haven't experienced direct pain with this problem, I sit right next to Scotty and have to hear him complain about this. As such, I would very much like for this to be changed, as well. 
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This seems like the biggest, easiest win. 
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This suggestion makes a ton of sense, Scotty. Either a "today" button, or just default the start date to today's date seem like very reasonable requests.
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+1 to this as I have had the same frustrations when scheduling!
Hi Scotty,

Thank you for the feedback. I'm assuming your image is referring to rule chain scheduling. 

We are changing the Rule chain schedule page to behave the same way as the Rule Basic scheduler. This change we are doing to make it consistent for both rules and rule chains.

Today button is also in our consideration and will be available in near future.
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Thanks for the update Srinivas!
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Hi Everyone, This issue is resolved. Here is the reference article .
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