Set Score 2.0 errors when value is null

  • 12 August 2020
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I am trying to import our values for scorecard as this is calculated outside GS. Not every measure will have a value. 


The rule will error is when trying to attempt to insert when the value is null. I have created a separate rule for each measure, however my concern is that if a measure ever goes from a value to null I am not able to overwrite as the rule will not insert a null value.

Is there another way to allow null values that I am unaware of?


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3 replies

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Hi @andreammelde

For your rule, you should have separate actions for each score and null value. So for example, action 1 would set the score to Green and it would be filtered for the just the green score data. And so on for Red and Amber or however many scores you have. 

For nulls, you would filter for the null value and the action would be to set the score to N/A. I would recommend adding a comment to signal that it’s unfilled because there is null data. 

Here is some more information on it:


Hope this helps!

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Hi @andreammelde 

We should set the Score to NA and provide the Criteria as well. Example if the some field value is Null, then set the Score to NA for the measure in the selected Scorecards.


Here in my case I am seting to Score to NA to the “Cx Risk Status” measure which is existed in 2 Scorecards with the Flagged Risks = Null criteria.



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@andreammelde did you get a chance to view comments posted by @phani_kumar . Please let us know if you need any help!