S3 Import into Rules Feedback

  • 10 January 2022
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A few items I run into frequently that are super-frustrating!

  • Any time I need to make changes to a rule with an S3 upload, I run into challenges.  
    • For example, this morning I needed to make some changes to a rule to capture a new date field.  To do so, I had to pull the latest file from Archived and put it in another folder, thus changing the location of the file.  Then, once I was done, I wanted to change the source back to the original location so I could trigger the schedule based on the Event of S3 Upload, but I couldn’t change it because there wasn’t a file there anymore, so the import changes wouldn’t save.  So, now I have to manually go back in tomorrow once the new file is loaded, change the source, and then, update the rule.
  • That leads to me I don’t always want to archive a file because I like to be able to reference and re-run when needed.  However, I can’t schedule a the rule based on an event and use the date pattern, so I wind up having to archive.  I would like the option to use the date pattern even when scheduling the rule.

1 reply

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Going to add on to this.  So, this morning, went back into my rule once the new file was received to change the location and set the schedule.  Had to reload the columns, so did that, unchecked Do Not Archive, and then, ran the rule.  Rule fails because I apparently needed to remap the dates again, and now I’m back in the same situation again.  Same columns, just different file location.