Rules Horizon and CTA Linked Objects

  • 17 March 2023
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I just attempted to create a CTA using Rules Horizon with a link to the SFDC Opportunity object, something we frequently do in Bionic Rules.  I was unable to select the Opportunity ID as an Attribute, the page just said No Data Available.  Then, when I ran the rule manually, I received and email it was successful, but no CTA was generated and the Execution History showed a Failure symbol with a red triangle.  It was impossible to find an actual failure or error message.  I hope these bugs will be fixed prior to GA.  Let me know if I should create a ticket for Support, I am never sure when a feature is still in Beta.  Thanks!


3 replies

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FWIW I usually submit a ticket as well or email the product team directly as if it were a ticket so they have eyes on it, and can let me know if support should handle it.

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Moved this discussion to the Rules forum.

Pl let me know if you recieved a response to your ticket Andrea.

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@rakesh I’m having this issue now as well.