Rules Engine to close Success Plans?

  • 11 July 2022
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Is it on the roadmap to give the option to close Success Plans/Tasks via the Rules Engine?  I understand there is the option with Mass Edit.  But there are times when it would be easier to have a Rule that looks for X and closes those items out.  Rather than relying on an Admin to check every so often.

If this is already out there, could someone provide the document? =)



7 replies

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The use cases that come immediately to mind include:

  • All child Objectives are completed, so the Success Plan can be Closed.
  • Data cleanup (we’ve all discovered a trove of abandoned Success Plans somewhere, sometime)
  • Change in company or customer, whereby if a customer moves to a new segment, or churns, that we want to close the Success Plan.

Having this in the Rules Engine, akin to CTA Closure functionality, would increase automation options.


Now that I’ve campaigned for a UI-centric solution, @sagan_sherlin , you can likely accomplish this with the Success Plan API, if you’re adventrous.

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Updating success plan via rules engine is in our short term roadmap. Admins can setup a rules action to update the status, owner,  or any attribute of the success plan. 

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Excellent @Anil Raj Pujari . With so many Gainsight customers utilizing Success Plans, and because Success Plans tend to be “around” longer than individual CTAs, productizing more update capabilities into the Rules Engine will be of significant value.

Hi @Anil Raj Pujari - is there any idea of when updating success plans via rules engine?

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Great question I’m subscribing. It's something we can't wait to hear updates on!

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Wondering if the Beta participants for Horizonized Rules engine @andreammelde, @tonyaclemons, @Elana Cipin, @jrich might have any news for us on this?   

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@anirbandutta  I believe it allows you to create or update, but not close.


There is an issue with the action in Beta where it does not work if you do any steps to transform or merge data so frankly it is pretty useless in the current state of Beta. I’m hoping they get it fixed by release.


I have a different solution that we are using to update certain fields using an external API that comes back into GS to update. So I can run the rule and determine what needs to be changed and use the API to update, but it is definitely more complicated than just using a rule action. This includes updating the status