Rule Engine - switching legacy bionic designs to horizon

  • 18 April 2023
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Hey folks,


I was wondering if in a future release Gainsight will be force-converting legacy bionic rules over to Horizon, or if there will be a tool made available to admins allowing the automatic conversion of a legacy rule to horizon?  It would be good to have the ability to convert legacy to horizon without needing to rekey the whole rule.

Example use case would be multiple relationships where the basis of a rule between relationships is similar, but some changes would still be required.  I’d find it easier to make the changes in horizon than the legacy UI. 


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Hi Stuart,

It's awesome to hear that you like the Horizon Rules better than Bionic Rules. Me too!

We will be releasing the ability to self migrate one or multiple rules yourself this release. We will communicate a clear plan on when the automatic migration would happen, but it will not be happening atleast until you get 3 months with the self migration tool.