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  • 8 December 2021
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We currently utilize the SFDC version of Gainsight. In Salesforce, our users do not have access to the ACV field unless a specific permission set is granted -- most users do not have this assigned. Users can access this field via Gainsight for all records, not just their own. They can also report on this field in Gainsight but not in Salesforce. We want to be able to restrict access based on ownership of a record. For example:

1.  I am a CSM

  • I should have access to ACV in Gainsight on records that I am the assigned CSM
  • I should not have have access to view the ACV field on records I am not the CSM -- I still want to be able to view the Account record, just not the ACV field

Similarly, we have a field on the CustomersInfo object called ASV. It’s a copy of the ACV field that lives on Account. 

Is it possible to restrict fields in Gainsight based on ownership? I’ve been under the impression that Gainsight respects the Salesforce permissions that are in place but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve also ensure that the Gainsight permission sets that are assigned do not have view all/modify all checked.



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Hi @london.legrand 


Gainsight will respect the SFDC permissions for SFDC fields only. If your ACV sits in the MDA (ie, Gainsight’s database), you will need to set those permissions in Gainsight. 


For setting up the permissions you mentioned, you will need to setup sharing rules in Gainsight. You can do exactly as you suggested and have CSMs only see the data about their customers. Here is the support article that shows how to do that: