Removing unwanted Paragraph formatting in Fields when Exporting via Rules

  • 22 June 2020
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Hey Team,

Is it possible that we can have an option to remove the formatting from Rich Text area fields(like Answer text which is a Survey field) such as carriage return? I ask this because tools such as Power BI are not very friendly while processing such Data- ultimately causing errors and requiring a manual change of all records which have the extra carriage returns in Text fields.


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4 replies

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Hi @prithvi_vihari 

Do you mean to remove all the available formatting? This will remove bold, italics also along with image tags, carriage returns. Will this solve the problem here?

Also, is this only for S3 data export or are we looking to use this in actions (load to SFDC, MDA, call external API, etc.) as well

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Hey @rakesh 


This is just with respect to S3 imports. The reason I ask for an extra option to remove formatting while exporting to S3 is that tools such as MS Excel( and also some ETL tools) tend to break the file( jumping data into other columns) when it encounters special characters( extra Double quotes, extra commas, HTML tags, etc).

Once we have the option of removing the formatting and just displaying plain text it avoids these kinds of issues. This could be an option just for Rich Text Area fields as we cannot apply formulas on them using rules.

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Hey @rakesh - let us know if there is any way this can be considered as we often have issues coming up where we can have readable CSV’s due to formatting.

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We are considering this in the shorter term itself @prithvi_vihari