Query for all accounts in the month N months from rule date, regardless of year

  • 27 August 2020
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Looking to see if anyone has any tips on how to solve. We send surveys to accounts six months before their renewal month annually, which right now is a manual process where someone refines the list to return the month.

I’m trying to create a rule each month that can return these same results, but am not sure how to look only to the month and ignore the year. Example: In January, I want to return all accounts with renewal dates in any July, regardless of the year.

I found this similar thread, but not looking to send a program and not looking to modify any SFDC objects.

3 replies

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Hi Kelly - 


My best idea is to query your Renewal Date and write it to a string field on your company object. Then you’ll convert all your July renewals, for example, to a format of 2021-07-09 for example, with the “07” being your July indicator.  See below (dummy data). 


From there, you can use that string field to extract the month by first using a series of transformations with string formulas. Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks @spencer_engel that seems like it could get me started on the right path. If the month is extracted, and then use the transformations with string formulas, am I understanding correctly that the resulting field value can be a date so it can still look from rule date?

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Hi @kelly 

If you are using the NXT Edition we have a way to automate this process. 


And if you are using the SFDC Edition, and if you have any chance/permission to modify the SFDC Objects. Below is the alternative way.

Below is the Attached Documents, in case if you don’t have the Permission to view the Document in those respective posts.