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Usecase: Loading existing measure history to a new scorecard via a scorecard History action in rules.

Blocker : Measure history is not updating with the new scorecard and still the records are holding values with the old scorecard

The current expected behavior of the "Load to Scorecard history" action is that while reinserting back to history it considers the combination of Date+Company GSID for a measure.

Hence if there already exists a record in that combination of date+company GSID an update/new record won't get inserted.

If there already exists a record for the old scorecard and the measure. Hence the record won't get updated with the new/mentioned scorecard in the rule.

The process to proceed with:

1. Create a backup in CSV for Old Scorecard history data for the required measures+Dates

2. A tech ops ticket/Support to delete the old scorecard history for those specific dates + measures.

3. Re-run the "load to scorecard history" action

As this time the system couldn't find the records for those CompanyGSIDs+dates for a measure it will recreate all of them with the mentioned scorecard in the rule.

This will delete the associations of measures with the oldscorecard and it will re-insert the measure history with the new scorecard as the Scorcard history captures data at Measure level.


Hope this helps!

Happy Gainsighting :)



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@shivani thank you for sharing your request here. I have redirected this to the product team.

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@shivani You should be able to update historical scores using the load to scorecard history action. Do let us know if you are unable to do so. We will look into the issue.

Also, we soon plan on letting you delete historical scores as part of load to scorecard history action. It should be available within the next 6 months.




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@shantan_reddy I’m not able to update scorecard history for an existing measure to a new scorecard and hence I had to follow the process of deleting the data and proceeding with the updation. Let me know if you want more context.



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Understood. We are working on showing measure history from older scorecards as well. Hopefully this will solve you issue.

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to delete history using load to scorecard history.

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Hi Team,

Is there any update on this functionality?