Load S3 through a Rules but need more than date stamp. we get a HASH with every file export

  • 26 May 2020
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We have a Daily ingest that we are starting to use directly from Looker.  Looker always Ads some Hash to make each file unique.  here is an example.  Daily_Usage_by_Resource_Class_2020-05-14T2103_VvnvxW.csv.  I need to find a way that automates using a starts with, or find a way to Pattern this to a daily ingest. 


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3 replies

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Hi @rodgerpond 

We already support Starts With with S3 files patterns.

Can you confirm if this works for you? or Is there something that's missing here?

I have tried the Starts with, but the pattern is more than a date pattern. It is a DATE_TIMESTAMP_HASH. when I try Starts with an no Date pattern, file error


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Hi @rodgerpond 

Can you try this? 

STARTSWITH: Daily_Usage_by_Resource_Class_ 

This should solve your usecase.