Is there a way to regularly import third party NPS data?

  • 27 September 2016
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I found this article about importing NPS results from a 3rd party:
I was wondering if there was a way to run a rule or process like this on a regular basis (i.e. not a manual upload). I'm expecting some resistance internally if I suggest switching up our NPS collection process from what we've been using for a few years to collecting it through Gainsight. We store the NPS data in Salesforce, so it shouldn't be hard to get to, but I can't figure out how (if possible) to get it into Gainsight's NPS area.

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9 replies

We have get our data through a third party tool as well and we have to have our SFDC Admin load the latest average into a field on the account record.  Once it is there I use the rules engine to set our Scorecard measure from that field.
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Gotcha - thanks for the reply! I am currently able to update our scorecard measure based through the rules engine from those surveys. 

What I was hoping to do is fully utilize the things built around NPS in Gainsight outside of the scorecard - like the NPS tab, widget for the C360 page, etc.
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Hey Phil:

How comfortable are you using APIs?  If you are familiar with them, you can see our API for loading to the NPS object in SFDC.

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Depending on how you're doing your surveys, one thing that I think would be handy is for the rules engine to let you update the survey object. Then you could take the NPS data in Salesforce and load it to the survey object. Check out for a bit more background there.

If you already have the data coming to Salesforce, then you can set up a Flow to essentially copy those results over to the Gainsight table. I did that and it worked pretty well. We had a few types of surveys so I added a lookup field to the master object to facilitate the lookup. Not fancy and it doesn't work well if you do batch loading of data, but if it's on a survey-by-survey basis then it's pretty good.
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Scott - Do you have the updated link for the REST API document for this?
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Looks like it was removed.  I will followup and get the new link
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Here is the updated link:
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This is addressed with Load to Survey Rule Action Here you have all the luxury to define a schedule to regularly ingest these external responses (Reaping the benefits of Rules Engine)

The earlier approach of Manual Import of External NPS Response is still available but it is outdated and redundant.


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I used the new Rule Action for the first time today @abhilesh_khatri and was definitely very happy with it! Makes the S3 process so much easier.