How to post to slack any data programmatically from Gainsight (Rules Engine and JO)

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This video shows how to post any message to Slack from Rules Engine (or JO) leveraging External Actions in Gainsight. We use 2 methods that Slack has to do this:

  1. Webhook (first half of the video)
  2. OAuth authentication (2nd half of the video)

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Hi @rakesh 

Super helpful Thanks for the detailed information. And recently I tried this external action and it worked well.

And I documented all the steps as well. Below is the link where we can see each and every step.


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Useful info bumping this to the top!!

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question for you, if the query returns multiple results, how will these post to slack? will each result post as it’s own slack message, or will they all post as 1 message?

i have a use-case where i want Timeline Activities of a specific type to get pushed to a Slack channel for broader collaboration and discussion. but i would like each Activity that meets the criteria to be it’s own Slack post, not grouped together.


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Hi @smathew4 

Of course, it will process each record as a new slack message, but everything depends on your source data how you setup.

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I am trying to create the JSON here, can you help me out? I am using Output Header value as the merge field from Rules Engine, but having trouble otherwise. Pasting my current JSON below. This won’t save in GS because of “Please enter valid JSON and char limit should not exceed 10,000” error

*Account:* {Account_Id_Name}\n
*Created by:* {GS_Created_By_User_ID_Name}\n
*Subject:* {Subject}\n
*Ticket:* {Ticket_Number}\n
*Experience Sentiment:* {Experience_Sentiment}\n
*Experience Complaint:* {Support_Experience_Complaint}
*Feedback Ask:* {Feedback_Ask}\n\n
*Notes:* {Notes}
"channel": "temp-test-gainsight-efl"


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Hi @smathew4 

Below is the format of how the Payload should be created in Gainsight External Actions.

It should be 2 open({{) and 2 close(}}) parenthesis like below.

"blocks": [
"type": "section",
"text": {
"type": "mrkdwn",
"text": "*Account:* {{Account_Id_Name}}\n
*Created by:* {{GS_Created_By_User_ID_Name}}\n
*Subject:* {{Subject}}\n
*Ticket:* {{Ticket_Number}}"

Hope this helps


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I actually got it to work with the below payload. What do the blocks and types parameters do?


{"text":"New Experience Feedback: \n\n *Company Name* : {{Name}},\n *Created by*: {{Created}},\n *Subject*: {{Subject}},\n *Ticket Number*: {{Ticket}},\n *Experience Sentiment*: {{Sentiment}},\n *Experience Complaint*: {{Support}} - {{Product}},\n *Feedback Ask*: {{Feedback}},\n\n *Notes*: {{Notes}}","channel": "temp-test-gainsight-efl"}


Is there a similar video for this now that Connectors 2.0 has replaced External Actions?

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There’s no connector method available which directly post messages to Slack channels. The steps shared in the Video are still good.

I don’t seem to have this option available to me. The only thing on the External Actions page for me is a link to Connectors 2.0.


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@billrlarseniii You are getting “No Connections Available” message because there’s no connection to an external application like Slack is available under Connectors 2.0 in your instance.


You can either click on the button “Go to Connectors 2.0” or navigate to “Connectors 2.0” from admin console and land on the Connectors 2.0 page, where you can create a custom connection to an external system by following the steps mentioned in this article.


After you have the custom connection created, you will see that on the left side of the External Actions page.


Incase you need more understanding you can follow the instructions shared in the above video.

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Check out THIS recording from Crank Up Technicalities Webinar Series that brings such technical operational conversations to a wider platform to help the CS & CS Ops community easily get the best & most ROI from your Gainsight Architecture.


The attached recording not only shows you how you can send real time NPS into slack as messages but also some advanced tips on the #JourneyOrchestrator.


FYI @billrlarseniii - I hope the attached recording helps you. :)

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Sorry if i might’ve missed this but i’m looking to see if anyone has found a way to post links from gainsight to the slack app?
I have been able to post messages with fields to the internal slack but now trying to post links. Examples would be, Company Name - clickable link to the C360 or Timeline Entry Subject directly to the Timeline Entry.
Anyone tried or better yet, succeed at this?