How to aggregate data based on contract start date

  • 8 June 2022
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Hi everyone, 

I’m new here and starting playing with GS! We have created a new object and have imported usage data from our product. We would like to filter / aggregate data since the beginning of the current contract. How can I do that with the rule engine? 

Thank you!


3 replies

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Hi @AliceSPM 

You can have 2 steps in the rule,

step 1: To bring the contract start date and other fields

Step 2: To add contract start date as group by and put other fields in show me and add aggregate function.

@suryanarayana Thank you!

Can you share details on how to do with the rules? Where do I do step 1 and step 2? Both in the “setup rule”? Thanks

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@AliceSPM - This can be achieved either rules engine or data designer.

Rules Engine:

  • Step 1 → Read all the data (measures + dimensions) that you would want to process using Dataset task in “Setup Rule” step (add necessary filters)
  • Step 2 → Add a Transformation task to aggregate the incoming data based on contract date (contract date should be in a group by workspace of the transformation)
  • Look at the show fields and apply the necessary aggregations as per your need.

Hope this helps!