How Convert String to Date field in Rule Engine

  • 4 June 2021
  • 2 replies

How Convert String to Date field in Rule Engine when mapping fields to load into GS Object under rules action.

2 replies

Thanks @phani_kumar for the workaround approach. However, We are pulling the data from snowflake tables using data designer. We want to map Data Set read only table (Gainsight) fields to Gainsight Object using Rule.

Gainsight Readonly DataSet Object (Date-String) → Gainsight Object(Date-Date)

Any suggestions please ?



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Hi @kshirsagar3 

Convert String field to Date is not possible and we don’t have an option in Rules Engine.

But we do have a work around which is, First Load your Source Data to S3 bucket through rules.

And create another new rule which will fetch the S3 file as a Source and once you click on “Load Column Details” the fields will appear and there we have a option to choose Datatype.



Click on drop arrow and select the data type as per your requirement.


Then in the Action part you will be able to Map that to a Date Datatype Field.