Edit the side bar navigation list on the left of the page (after clicking the 3 bars)

  • 24 May 2018
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I want to add an item into the navigation list on the left side of the homepage.  Currently, my list contains:

Looking at training materials I can see that we should also have "Gainsight" which navigates you back to the GS landing/home page.   Currently, if we navigate away from the home page we cannot get back without clicking on the top level "Gainsight' tab within SFDC.
How do I add items to this list?

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I am not sure how that this would address your problem of being able to come back after you navigate away from home page. The side bar is only available on the Gainsight pages, so if you navigate away from Gainsight then you will have to use the top level nav within SFDC to come back to GS.  

However, following are the steps to add more navigation items to Gainsight side bar navigation.
From within salesforce admin, navigate to Apps, search for and Edit the Gainsight App. Here choose the tabs that you would like to see in the Gainsight app and these will show up in the side bar navigation as well.   

Also here is another community post related this conversation -

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Updated support document link for the above one.