Dynamic CTA default owner

  • 15 January 2018
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Currently in the CTA action of a rule, we must set a "Default Owner", however it is a static user that must be used.

I've got a customer that is requesting the ability to select a dynamic user for this field, such as setting it to "Account CSM" versus "John Doe".

I'm wondering if this is anything we've considered putting on the road map in the future?


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2 replies

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Hey Tom, if you pull in the "Account CSM" field as part of the Setup Rule step, you can use this in the "Owner Field" in the Setup Action step to dynamically assign the CTA owner. Is this what you were trying to accomplish?

Hi All,

I see that this old question is shown as answered, but it seems that the answer is not specific to the “Default Owner” field.  My organization would like to use both the “Owner Field”  for one dynamic owner, i.e. whoever is the Product Trainer for the account, and the CSM for the account as the “Default Owner”.  But as the previous question in this post asks, we are only able to add a specific static user to this “Default Owner” field.  

Can we actually use this field to populate a dynamic field, such as the “Owner Field” where we could select CSM and have the “Default Owner” be who ever the account CSM is and not a static user?  Picture below for reference.