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  • 14 November 2022
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I am new to Gainsight but have been asked by a user.. is there anyway when a CTA is closed, that the affected/linked case in Salesforce can also be closed at the same time? the user said this would help them save time between screens/systems versus having to manually close the case in salesforce when a CTA is closed for that account as well. Thank you.

2 replies

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@jackgvzc Very cool idea here, to add automation so that your CS team is doing less manual work, and perhaps also improving data quality at the same time. As with so many solutions we build, it depends. However, you can likely get close, so hopefully the concepts below can get you started.

You can use the Rules Engine, writing a rule so that when a CTA closes, then you use a “Load to SFDC Object” action to update a corresponding records in SFDC.

  • Note that you’ll need some identifier of the SFDC record to update, like a SFDC Record ID, or a Case Number. Sounds like you may have something linked already.
  • You’ll also need SFDC permissions to make that update, via your OAuth SFDC User. Bear in mind the OAuth SFDC User becomes the “Last Modified By” user, so if it’s important to see a CSMs name as the “Last Modified By” or some similar requirement, this solution may not be ideal.
  • Lastly, the update won’t replicate in real-time, but rather on a schedule as often as the rule runs. You can run rules like this as frequently as every 2 hours. (While Gainsight does support real-time rules, activity on the Call To Action object isn’t yet supported by real-time rules.)

Here’s a link to an example of writing to SFDC. In this case, it’s writing to a Contact rather than a Case. However, the concepts and steps are similar for your use case.

Give a browse, perhaps trial something in your environment, and let us know your thoughts.

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