Creating a bionic rule that doesn't return billions (yes, billions!) of results.

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I am attempting to create a bionic rule that will fetch data from multiple tables and load it into another one.  However, when I test my rule, I receive billions, even trillions of data points.  It seems like there is a crossjoin in a couple of tasks which is multiplying data but I don't really know what that means or how to fix it. 

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Kate - Sounds like a join problem.  Two thoughts:
- Do you want to outline what you are trying here?  What is the data you are fetching and what is your end goal for the rule?  Might be good for others to learn from as well
- You can reach out to our support team for some help
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Thanks Denise - I'm trying to create one MDA Object that an email template can pull from.  I am fetching data from:
- Native SFDC 
- Existing MDA objects (4 separate objects) that contain utilization data

The first 5 tasks in my bionic rule are fetches, and then I have 4 merge tasks that join the data according to Account ID. 

I am happy to reach out to support, should I submit a ticket via Gainsight Go?
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Kate- As Denise mentioned, when you are joining 4 Utilization data objects, ensure that you are joining them based on unique keys on each object..

Ex: When you are joining two Usage data objects, you need  join them on Account, Date and (User if exists) at a minimum.  If you are joining only on Account, It must be creating Cross join.

If you need further help, please send an email to
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Thanks Ashok - I was able to join on multiple fields and this greatly reduced the number of results.  I better understand the process now!