Create Once In a Lifetime Success Plan.

  • 15 September 2021
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Our business has a self service model for downmarket plans and our implementation team typically contacts the customer within 1 hour of a customer being marked “closed won”. We want our onboarding team to use Success Plans because of external sharing but I’m wondering if there is a way we can ensure only 1 onboarding success plan is created per customer. 


Due to the quick turnaround time I want to run a Cron and have the rule pushing every 2 hours (which I understand is the quickest turnaround we can setup within GS). The only issue here is if I filter customers who are marked as “closed won” by [Subtract N days from Rule date = 0 / Rule date] then it will create 12 Success plans for that customer throughout the date of the rule because there is no way to create a unique Success Plan in the same way that you can for a CTA.


Curious if anyone has found a workaround for this or if this tool was really built with daily updates in mind. 

3 replies

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@Jacob.Clarke this might be a good use case for Events instead.  So, setting up an event to create the Success Plan when the status moves so that you don’t have to mess with multiple runs or multiple SP creations.

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Hello @Jacob.Clarke, thank you for your post. Looping in our Product Manager to look into this for you.

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According to the support document - “to prevent the creation of duplicate Success Plans in bionic rules, Rules Engine will check your Account Names, and existing Success Plan Names, Plan Types, and Plan Status. If all of these identifiers match an existing plan, the plan will not be duplicated”. Using real time rules would have been ideal but “create success plan” action is not available yet.